Online Lessons

It's Easier
Than You Think

Why would you want to take an online lessons?


Never Come out on a rainy, dark or snowy night

Be Involved

You can see exactly what your child is learning.

Other Activities?

Without travel time, you can come straight home, eat or snack and get directly to your lessons.


Learn about the way online tech works.  Your kids will NEED  to know these skills in the future.

What you will need

A Keyboard

Digital or Acoustic

Internet Connection

High Speed

Proper View

Need to see you and your hands

Good Lighting

Make sure you can be seen

A Microphone

Not required but really helps

A Camera

Your iPad or webcam will do.

You can have highly effective lessons without a large investment but some basics will be necessary.  


Your iPad or home computer will suffice but there are options that enhance your learning environment.



If you want more information or want a dry run (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED), please let me know.