Online Lessons

It's Easier Than You Think


Because of Covid-19 all lessons are online for now

Why would you want to take an online lessons?

What equipment do I need to set myself up for online lessons?


  • An appropriate instrument.

  • Proper camera angle. 

  • Good lighting.

  • A camera.

  • A microphone. Usally built into the webcam but an external mic is better.

  • Headphones, to reduce echo. Optional

  • A high-speed internet connection.

  • A computer capable of handling everything just mentioned .

  • Zoom

  • Some computers include a camera and/or microphone. Please use a quality camera. It can make a night-and-day difference in your experience.

Students who are very young are required to have a parent or guardian’s presence at video lessons. This can be accommodated by setting up another seat nearby.

If you want more information or want a dry run (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED),  please let me know.  



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